• The warranty only applied for Makita engine products (OPE) that officially distributed in Vietnam market.
  • The warranty period will vary depending on the type of 2-stroke engine or 4-stroke engine. When warranty, you must be present the warranty card.
  • Warranty period for 2-stroke engines
    • 6 months
  • Warranty period for 4- stroke engines. 
    • 6 months
  • Objects out of warranty.
    • Naturally worn parts: Spark plug, Gasoline filter, Oil filters, Guide bar, Chain protection cover, Saw chain, Oil pump complete, Sprocket, Shear blade, Cutter blade, Crankcase, etc.
  • In addition, the warranty does not apply if:
    • Do not use the machine in accordance with the instruction manual attached to the machine.
    • Failure to comply with the instructions on how to use the fuel mixture (the ratio of mixing gasoline with motor oil 2-stroke), lubricating oil (4-stroke engines. For example, cylinder, piston is scratched …)
    • Excessive use of features and capacity of the machine such as using the maximum capacity of the machine, operating harsh environments: for example, Guide bar, Saw chain specifications allowed…
    • Customers do not fill in the necessary information that printed on the warranty card and could not prove the date of purchase of the product…
    • In case of using dirty fuel, it may cause damage to carburetor and gasoline filter. Using a humid, dusty environment that adheres to air filters or fins that customers do not regularly clean and care for: overheating leads to reduced lubrication to the piston, cylinder scratches.
    • Spare parts have been warranted once during the warranty period.
    • Damage due to transportation due to collision, natural disaster, fire, or other objective causes.
    • The product has been changed in design compared to the prototype.


  1. Before using the machine, you must read and understand the manual and the regulations on warranty. Especially instructions for use of fuel mixture and lubricating oil.
  2. When the machine is broken, take it to an authorized service center by Makita Vietnam for inspection. Do not repair, disassemble parts of the machine before bringing it to the authorized service center.

Information of authorized service center detail please refer:

Website: http://makita.com.vn/

This policy takes effect from February 10, 2023. Makita Vietnam have the right to change above provisions to make a final policy consistent with the time of application.


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