Battery and Charger Warranty Conditions

  • Warranty only applies to genuine Makita products imported and distributed in Vietnam.
  • Ni-CD, Ni-MH battery and Ni-CD, Ni-MH charger  6 months warranty. 
  • Li-Ion batteries and chargers (CXT, LXT, XGT, G battery) are warranted for 12 months under the condition of less than 300 charging cycles from the date of purchase (Effective from February 10, 2023).
  • Batteries only warranty when it must have seals intact.
  • For Li-Ion batteries (CXT, LXT, XGT, G battery), when checking the battery, there must be at least 1 charging cycle.
  • In case the number of charges displayed is 0, customer must send this battery to Makita.

Warranty does not apply to the following cases:

  • Arbitrarily repairing and renovating the battery, changing the structure compared to the original design, using it for the wrong purpose…
  • The battery is cracked due to transportation or during usage time. Stranger thing has fallen into the battery, or is caused by using a non-original Makita charger.
  • Battery discharge (50% or more over discharge) or ( 50% or more overload) (battery tester specs).
  • Batteries is wet or fire leads to battery damage.
  • Batteries are damaged due to storage at high temperatures, hot and humid conditions, or near highly corrosive materials such as acid chemicals.
  • Makita fake battery.
  • No warranty card or sales invoice.
  • In case of suspicion of the battery being flooded or the battery display charges 0 time on the battery tester. Please send the battery to the nearest Makita Service Center for warranty instructions.