Cordless Helmet Fan
Model CF050D NEW


Capacity                                   Long: 0,20(18V) /0.16 (14.4V)m3/min

                                               Short : 0.14(18V)/0.13(14.4)m3/min

Air Volumn                               Long: 7,5(18V) /6.0 (14.4V)m/s

                                                Short : 5.0(18V) /5.0 (14.4v)m/s

 Operating time          Long: 10-3,0Ah(18V)/8-3,0Ah(18V),3-1,3Ah(14,4V)

                                 Short   :20-3,0Ah(18V)/9-3,0Ah(18V),3-1,3Ah(14,4V)

Size                            141x74x88mm

Net Weight                     0,57kg(1,3lbs)


Provides airflow into the hard hat or around the neck of user to quicken evaporation of the sweat.
Compact and lightweight design achieved by using BLDC motor.
Air direction flap enables to change the airflow direction.
Can be used for various shapes of hard hats.

Standard Equipment

Adapter (for mounting on a special type of hard hat)
(Fast Charger and Battery are sold separately.)


Parts Diagram

Parts List

Introduction Manual

Leaflets ( VN EN JP )

Makita reserves the right to change standard equipment and specification of products without prior notice.

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